I am going to be comparing these two items based on 5 categories.  Whichever device wins the most categories over will be, in my opinion, the best.

First category:   Speed

Android – Not very fast.

iPad – Due to it’s new 3rd generation upgrade it now now faster than the Android.

One point for the iPad.

Second Category:   Weight

Android – The Android has a compact size and a trim weight of 13.8 pounds; very light.

iPad – weighing a whopping 24 ounces, the iPad is much, much heavier.

One point for the Android.

Third Category:   Lasting battery

Android – 1500 mAH.

iPad – I found many results for iPad, but all were above 1500 mAH.

Another point for iPad.

Fourth Category:  Price (these prices are based on the cheapest I could find on Amazon)

Android – $127.99 is cheapest.  149.99 is average.

iPad – 478.99 cheapest and about the average.

Holy crap Android wins by alot. 2 for Android.

Fifth, and last, category:   Reliability (this will be judged on how many viral problems I can find for each on the internet)

Android – 1. Problem connecting to certain modems. 2. Quite a small screen. 3. Downloading and accelometers.

iPad – 1. Wifi fails.   2.Crashing apps 3. Playback with QuickTime freezes it.

Well, thats it.  It’s a tie.  They both have their pros and cons.  If you like small, cheap compact touch screens, buy the Android Tablet.  If you like big, heavy, multi-purpose machines, the iPad is for you.